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See what our patients are saying about us

"I Highly Recommend Marin Snoring Center"


“These procedures helped tremendously with my snoring and overall breathing. I highly recommend Marin Snoring Center!.” 

 ~ Kathleen

"Thanks For Helping Me Get A Good Night Sleep"


“I wanted to update you on my husband. His snoring is SOOOOO much better. Thanks for helping me to get a good night's sleep, and not feel like we are taking off in an airplane -- all night long. God bless you and your staff.   

                                                          ~ Jennie

"Thank You For Changing My Life"


“I can't believe that my snoring is now minimal!  It's good to know that my freight train or diesel garbage truck noise is gone! Thank you for changing my life.” 

 ~ Laird

"I Can Sleep Next To My Wife Again"


“I initially had the procedure for my wife. I wake up earlier on my own now because Im getting a great night sleep and so is my wife!  I now have an extra 10+ hours per week awake. I thought the snoring didn't bother me until I stopped.  Thank you Snoring Center”  ~ Rick

"Beautiful Atmosphere & View"


“I love the girls in the office, and especially the Dr. Epstein.  He is so cool, calm and so competent. Such a nice peaceful atmosphere; and beautiful music with a beautiful view.”   ~ Monica

"Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff"


“Very friendly and knowledgable staff!! They are a must if you are looking for a new Dental office!!” 

~ Jim

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